Roald and Beatrix: The Tail of the Curious Mouse is Sky One's latest original, inspired by a true story about Roald Dahl and Beatrix Potter. 

Starring Dawn French, Rob Brydon, Jessica Hynes, Alison Steadman, Nick Mohammed, Nina Sosanya, and Bill Bailey. Introducing Harry Tayler. Directed by David Kerr and produced by Elaine Cameron. First broadcast on Sky, Christmas Eve 2020.

The Tail of the Curious Mouse is officially the biggest rating show of the Christmas period ever for Sky, with a seven-day cumulative audience of 3.12million.

Animation Director: Thomas Harnett O'Meara
Animation producer: Daisy Garside
Animation Production Company: Rowdy
Animation DOP: Malcolm Hadley
Animation Art Directors: Sarah Crombie and Yossel Simpson-Little
Lead Animator: Andy Biddle
Animators: Tobias Fouracre, Dan Gill, Tim Allen
Hand puppet fabricators and puppeteers: Andy Brunskill and Jimmy Grimes
Stop Motion Puppet Fabricators: Joshua Flynn and Nathan Flynn, Adeena Grubb
Animation Spark: James Owens
Animation Post Production: Stephen McNally, Miyuki Tatsuda
Motion Control: Stuart Galloway
Portable motion control: Justin Pentecost 
Animation Behind the scenes; Joe Eckworth 
Animation Rigger: Robin Jackson
Laser cutting: Jack Kirby, Almost Everything
Runners: Stella Chapman, Feiyang Yin
Shot at: Clapham Road studios
Thank you: Matthew Day